Quiet on set!!

Our van runs all equipment and AC for approximately 12 hours on batteries

Aloha, Before you go ...
Enjoy a video No worries, we got you covered, be happy and imagine filming in paradise

On site Media Tools

Luts, Looks, media management, Live PLay 2...LTO Can Do!

Colorist, Editor, Digital Imaging Supervisor on site!

Maui Film industries Video Productions

Experience counts!

We have a power team of quality trained crew whom live and work on Maui

Maui Film Industries, Audio Visual Services

Maui has a 23,000 sq ft NC-25 sound stage, trained IATSE 665 Crew, dry stage, Star Wagons, giant waves at Jaws, beautiful pools, waterfalls and the best beaches in the world.

Maui Film Industries has been at the leading edge on island. We produce 4k video and edit video and audio on site.  Dailies in large  screen UHD. Professional service on location. Tools are the key to any creators success. We have new tools ready for sharp minds to implement. Onsite editing is the new wave.

Maui Film Industries Audio Productions

We have the technologies film makers crave, from high end 4k cameras, and editing suites. Ask about walkies, wardrobe, furnishings, accommodations transportation and many other services. We know Maui and the islands best locations.  Call 808-280-0546 to schedule your production from commercials to feature length films. Maui and neighbor islands have a 25% tax rebate (refundable tax credit)

CEO Ed 'Casey' LeDoux


Editing where you need it most.

Use MESH VAN to produce and edit on location in 4k UHD video.



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